2023 CTBUH Frankfurt Regional Conference

Directors John Lione and Steve Watts, and Senior Project Surveyor Andy Gray, are looking forward to attending the CTBUH Frankfurt Regional Conference this week.

Taking place this Thursday and Friday, the theme of this year’s event is ‘Full Circle: The Life and Second life of European Tall Buildings.’

The conference will see CTBUH thought leaders and experts in high-density living explore best practices in tall buildings and sustainable cities in Europe. The official launch of CTBUH Europe will bring together leaders and CTBUH members in the region for a leader’s meeting/lunch, followed by off-site tours and an evening networking reception on Thursday 22nd June, followed by a full day of conference sessions on Friday 23rd June.

European cities have long grappled with seemingly oppositional imperatives – preservation of the integrity of historic city centres, while accommodating contemporary requirements for high-density living and working. The list of concerns is now topped by the spectre of climate change and a housing affordability crisis. There is a rapidly evolving consensus that tall buildings are part of the heritage of European cities, and have a role to play in addressing incipient issues in the near future. The inaugural CTBUH Europe Conference in Frankfurt will provide an unparalleled opportunity to engage in this vital conversation.

Steve will be introducing as well as closing the conference. In anticipation of the event, Steve said: “Following the launch of CTBUH Americas in Seattle in May, I’m just as excited to be heading to Frankfurt next week for the launch of CTBUH Europe. There’s an impressive line-up ready to offer their perspectives on a topical and important theme: the second life of the European Skyscraper. Reusing and imaginatively repurposing what we already have is a critical part of our response to the climate emergency.”

John said: “I am excited to be attending the official launch of CTBUH Europe, with the inaugural conference taking place in Frankfurt on 22nd and 23rd June. With a compelling and relevant conference theme, I am particularly looking forward to hearing the current thoughts and opinions of industry leaders.”

Andy said: “I am looking forward to the inaugural CTBUH Europe conference in Frankfurt, and all it has to offer. The theme of the conference, which focuses on how tall buildings play a part in the challenge that many European cities face, being the need for preservation of the integrity of historic city centres, whilst also facilitating modern world requirements for high-density urban working and living, is of ever-growing importance. The core conference presentations and discussions should therefore yield interesting insights on how building tall is developing for the future in today’s evolving European landscape.”