alinea participates in Centre for Digital Built Britain panel at University of Cambridge

Zelda Kaitano and Richard Bates were recently invited to be part of an expert panel at the University of Cambridge as part of a research programme commissioned by government’s Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB).The (CDBB) was set up to increase integration of services and infrastructure provision enabled by digitisation.

This integration is envisaged to be: For the whole life of the asset and not just as a capex, Aimed at stakeholders needs as wellTheir overall aim is to: Push the local agenda for BIM level 2, Work towards achieving the  International agenda of UK world leader for digitisation in construction

A distinguished panel of over 20 people from various backgrounds in the construction industry attended to give varied views, thought and opinion on the industry’s immediate and future needs for improvement using digitisation as a tool. The identification of real requirements for digitisation and how they can be achieved and value gained. Several items were pinpointed as valuable for future research.

The day consisted of 8 sessions of structured presentations, discussion and feedback. It was very informative and presented us food for thought on how the current business models in the construction industry contribute to the generally low uptake of digitisation.

They will be issuing a research paper to participants in the coming months which we look forward to reading.