BIM+ & Construction Manager Magazine Digital Construction Summit

Wednesday 15 May Associate and BIM Specialist Richard Bates, attends the BIM+ & Construction Manager Magazine Digital Construction Summit.

The Digital in Construction Summit will provide a full day of thought provoking seminar sessions catering for all levels.

BIM has already saved the UK construction industry and its clients over £2bn. Digital technology is evolving and therefore changing the way that we plan our infrastructure, construct buildings and maintain it all. The Digital Construction Summit will deliver case studies on successful digital projects, thought leadership on the adoption of BIM, discussion around the ways in which embracing the latest technology will improve efficiency, as well as safety, health and wellbeing.

Industry experts will take you through todays leading issues and offer exclusive insights into the very best solutions ready for you to implement into your organisation. Leave feeling confident, inspired and educated, having been taught important information needed to create a sustainable business in construction.

The day will focus on producing coordinated project information in a digital world, digitising offsite construction, HS2 Projects BIM strategy, transforming Construction, digital quality management and How does data add value?