Carl Giles & BCO’s Annual Review

The BCO’s annual review looks back on a year of successes at the BCO, ranging from a wealth of research publications, the enormous success of the annual conference which saw inclusion and diversity as it’s guiding theme and helped to secure a large increase in the number of female delegates and to the embracing of the industry’s future leaders with increasing attendance from the NextGen committee.

This year sees Katrina Kostic Samen take the leadership reigns from Ken Shuttleworth. Make’s Founding Director set out to ensure the organisation continues to evolve, an ambition that Katrina will look to evolve with a clear aim to “sustain the BCO’s relevance through times of significant global change” and a commitment to build communities with a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Carl Giles, alinea Partner, takes up the role of Chair of the BCO’s NextGen and will help Katrina achieve her goals by ensuring that the feeling of connection and community filters through to and engages NextGen members.

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