Construction Leadership Council Brexit Summit

alinea Partner Mark Lacey attended the CLC Brexit Summit on 28th January. To set the context, there was a briefing and with relevant material and insight presented by the CPA, Port of Tilbury and government departments, with particularly relevant and current thinking from BEIS on the direction of travel of Brexit legislation relevant to construction. There was an excellent panel debate at the end, which was well chaired by Simon Rawlinson, who was strongly supported by Mark Reynolds of Mace to frame the key issues and formulate an action plan.

The action will come out over the next few days. A key point we took away, is that all projects require considered and proper supply chain analysis for materials and labour sourcing. Clients and project teams cannot ignore this and do so at their peril. The challenge of Brexit presents an opportunity for clients, consultants and contractors to come together. The word “behaviours” was used a bit today – a successful construction industry requires strong, positive behaviours and project collaboration, especially in times like these.