Cost model: how construction can meet the data centre challenge

In an article for Building Magazine, Turner & Townsend alinea discusses the rapid expansion of data centres due to the soaring demand for data storage, emphasising the need for efficient and sustainable construction.

It highlights the challenges of land and energy scarcity and the pressure on resources caused by the increasing demand for data storage and processing power.

The article focuses on the FLAPD markets (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Dublin), with the UK, particularly London, experiencing significant growth in data centre capacity. The International Data Corporation estimates a doubling in the volume of data stored worldwide within two years, emphasising the unprecedented rate of data creation.

Moreover, the piece outlines the different types of data centre developments and discusses the challenges, commercial considerations, and construction costs affecting them.

The article concludes with a cost model for a notional 30MW data centre facility in southern England, addressing commercial considerations for data centre projects.

For a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry’s response to the ever-increasing demand for data storage, read the full article here.

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