Counting the cost of Covid – BCO Webinar

As part of a series of technical guidance reviews being undertaken by the British Council for Offices (BCO) on Covid-19, Mark Lacey and Angela Joseph will be hosting a webinar in conjunction with G&T on the 27th July.

To complement the BCO’s technical guidance on the impact of design changes on the workplace due to Covid-19, this webinar will review the cost and value impacts of measures being considered and implemented by owners, developers and occupiers.

The measures proposed in response to COVID-19 will not be applicable to every building. Instead, they are likely to be subject to consideration by design teams, advisors, developers, and occupiers, who will need to decide the appropriate application of design measures to make their buildings more resilient to COVID-19 or similar future pandemics to help suppress transmission of viruses.

In tandem with that, the scale of potential costs means that the need for implementation of such measures has to be carefully considered against value. The key question for the stakeholders will be how to wisely invest further to improve offices and achieve greater value return and market differentiation.

CLICK HERE to join us on July 27 to discuss the key issues.