Economic Week in Review (EWiR): The 400th one

This week we are celebrating the 400th edition of the Economic Week in Review (EWiR).

To commemorate this milestone, we are taking a look back at some of the news we’ve covered since 2015 that you might have forgotten about.

The idea was developed when global growth was slowing in 2015 and an understanding that we need to track market drivers much more closely and more frequently rather than only when we produce a Market Report.

Since then, the EWiR has evolved both in design and content, and has become much more widely distributed. Originally, it was developed as an internal briefing, but is now accessible through our website, social media, and an email distribution. We’ve added new topics such as the EU referendum, technology, and the environment to reflect changes in the market.

EWiR in stats:

– On the assumption that it takes around a day to produce, Associate Director and Research Analyst Rachel Coleman has spent 3,000 hours working on the EWiR.
– Associate Director Jonathan Smith who started as junior sub-editor/data hound on EWiR in September 2016 has spent around 700 hours on the project.
– We’ve seen five Prime Ministers, six Chancellors, 13 housing ministers, 11 UK Budgets and Statements and several “once in a lifetime” events.

As a memento, we hope you enjoy the timeline video that looks back on some of the key news from 2015 up to now.

Don’t forget to read the 400th issue here.