Engineering Services Team Success Stories: Jack Leonard, Associate Director

One of our key strengths at Turner & Townsend alinea is our market-leading team of specialist cost managers who focus on the engineering services aspect of our projects, delivering unparalleled knowledge, insight and experience in order to assist our clients in achieving their commercial goals.

In this series of articles, we aim to highlight the achievements and journeys of our engineering services team members, providing insights into their paths to success.

First up is Associate Director Jack Leonard. Jack began his journey with us as an Assistant Cost Manager and during his eight years with the business, quickly established himself as an integral part of the Turner & Townsend alinea team.

Jack has worked on a variety of projects across a wide range of real estate sectors; however, for the past few years, he has been leading our asset upgrade and energy team, specialising in delivering complex engineering services-based schemes.

Read Jack’s story below:


How long have you been at Turner & Townsend alinea (TTa), and what is your current role?

Eight years, Associate Director.

What was your role when you started at TTa, and what has your journey been like since?

I joined the business as an Assistant Cost Manager and have been fortunate to work across nearly every sector in real estate, which contributed significantly to my development and progression within the team. For the past few years, I have led our asset upgrade and energy team, specialising in delivering complex engineering services based schemes.

How has TTa supported your development?

As I joined the business with a noncognitive degree, TTa supported me through a master’s in quantity surveying (QS) and has also given me the opportunity to work on a variety of schemes and project types. The company invests heavily in its staff, focusing on areas such as on-the-job training, digital tools, and, recently, leadership training to help develop those in senior management positions.

What are the best parts of your role specifically, and of working at TTa?

My role differs from the traditional engineering services cost management function, as I lead and manage my own projects, as opposed to working alongside a traditional building cost management lead. This role has given me a great platform to develop as I have a degree of autonomy when running my projects with direct access to clients, allowing me to build strong, long-lasting relationships. The best part about working for TTa is the projects we get to work on. We are involved in some iconic and ground-breaking schemes, which is really exciting.

What advice would you give someone looking to progress their career in cost management?

Just show a willingness to learn and develop. Some of the most successful people I have worked with have an excellent attitude to work and aren’t afraid to ask for help and advice when needed.

Who / what supported you in getting to where you are today?

Since joining, I have been fortunate to have been part of a great team. In particular, Sam Rees has helped guide my career from day one.

In your opinion, what sets TTa’s Engineering Services team / work apart from others?

We have a wealth of experience across the team and almost all sectors. Our team comprises over 60 people from a range of industry backgrounds, and together, we bring unparalleled engineering services knowledge, insight, and experience to all our projects. We also have a great training programme for our junior staff to aid the development of their technical expertise further.

What was your journey before TTa – how did you get into the industry?

There are quite a few services engineers in the family. I studied accounting at university and fell into cost management after that. My dad is from an engineering services contractor background; my brother is a mechanical engineer, so with me on the cost side, we cover most bases of the engineering services world!


Are you interested in working for our market-leading engineering services cost management team? We are currently recruiting for a number of roles, which can be found here.