Investing in our future: alinea conference 2022

alinea takes on Paris

We are very pleased to share some of our favourite memories from our recent staff conference in Paris. To kick off the trip, we held our yearly conference presentations, reflecting on our success to date, updating colleagues on the next steps in our Carbon Journey and our strategic focus for the future.

“As always, our annual staff conference is an excellent way to spend some quality time together as a whole business, reflect and celebrate on some fantastic achievements and milestones over the past 12 months, while also showcasing our strategic objectives and highlighting our investment plans for the future. In an increasingly volatile and changeable world, providing transparency in our business objectives and growth plans is so important to all at alinea. Our commitment to becoming the leading data and digital led cost consultancy business and focusing on the carbon agenda, to provide a service that exceed our client’s expectations, remains at the heart of our vision. Hosted in the beautiful city of Paris, it was also great to have some fun and enjoyable social time together.”

Alastair Kenyon, Partner



We toasted our achievements with some great team building activities including sampling the local cuisine such as steak au frites, poulet roti et pomme de terre and the classic meringue desert ill flouttante of course!  We enjoyed taking in the sights and culture of the city with some serious dancing by the Arch du Triomphe, tours in the Louvre, up the Eiffel Tower and a Bateaux Mouche along the Seine. A month on and we are motivated, already putting our plans into action and planning for our 2023 conference.


Boats trips and sunrise running


One of our new joiners commented: “What a great way to start my first week on the Graduate Programme! The conference was a great opportunity for me to get to know a lot more of the team, alinea’s legacy, plans for growth and what is yet to come.”

Amir Hazra, Assistant Surveyor


“As my first alinea conference abroad, this was a fantastic way to celebrate the past year or so since joining the MEP team.  Whilst the conference was a good chance for us to think about future objectives, it was great to also focus on the social aspect of the company!”

Victoria Caines, Senior Project Surveyor


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