Location Location Location

When we are choosing a home, location is often the most important factor, so why can’t this be true for Later Living also?

Later Living offerings tend to be located in more rural locations, a decision driven by viability where land value is cheaper and simpler construction economics exist. In trying to increase the desirability of entering a retirement community it makes sense for a number of reasons to consider a more urban location.

Placing Later Living developments closer to the centre of towns enables a more integrated community offering, allowing resident’s better access to local amenities and importantly public transport. Benefits can be outward facing too as opportunities for employment and increased use of convenience bring economic benefits to the existing community.

With the high street facing a crisis driven by the growth of online shopping its demise has been accelerated by the current pandemic. It needs to re-invent itself to remain at the heart of local communities and incorporating new tenures such as Later Living could help to create the future fabric of the High Street.

We believe that this is a real possibility alongside other reinvention opportunities. Assael Architecture who we are collaborating with on the upcoming Building Magazine article think so to, and have an innovate strategy to integrate such an offering into local communities. Is this the future of town centres?


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