London Market Report, May 2024: An Imperfect Storm

We are pleased to share the summer edition of our London Real Estate Market Report: An Imperfect Storm, which provides insight into the current state of the market. The report discusses the challenges facing project viabilities in the construction industry, with various cost drivers impacting London construction projects.  

Global conflicts, political changes, spending constraints, and climate change are highlighted as factors influencing economic recovery. Despite these challenges, there are positive indicators, such as international investors showing interest in London’s property market.  

The report highlights the potential for higher tender prices in 2026, underscoring the importance of collaboration among developers and teams to enhance scheme viability and cost-effectiveness. It also emphasises the need for strategies to mitigate price shocks and manage costs effectively.  

The UK’s upcoming general election and economic performance are also addressed, with a focus on improving productivity and addressing high debt levels.  

Overall, the report offers insights into the current market conditions and forecasts for London’s tender price inflation in the near future.  

Read the full report here.

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