Our carbon aspirations…

Whilst the last year has already had a huge effect on our carbon footprint we are very pleased to announce that we are collectively committed to becoming net zero carbon in 2021.  We also have aspirations to become a climate positive firm within the next few years.  Assisting us on this journey are Cundall, who are working with us to set out our Net Zero Carbon and Environmental, Social and Governance strategies for the future.

Today a representative group from across the alinea team met to understand how we are currently positioned and where we would like to go with our Carbon agenda. It was a really productive session and we are looking forward to furthering our already thriving sustainability agenda.

Paul Montgomery is leading our drive towards Net Zero, which is particularly relevant given the work Paul does with occupiers. We are also using the output as research and evidence for SME’s, to feed into Mark Lacey’s BEIS PBSC work on climate change.

Stay tuned for updates!

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