Our Climate Journey – Strategy

At the start of 2021 alinea made a commitment to become Carbon Neutral. During the course of the first half of 2021 we have discovered a great deal and are now close to the end of the initial stage of obtaining certification and setting our strategy. This is the first post of what will be a regular update on our progress.  We will also be using this as a space to share what we have found helpful,  in a bid to share our growing knowledge and encourage others to get involved.

Now in the final stages of setting our Climate Strategy with the assistance of Cundall. alinea’s three main objectives will be:

Net Zero Carbon

Reducing our impacts in line with the Paris Agreement and providing industry leading advice

Sustainable Procurement

Embedding social and environmental principles as key procurement criteria together with engaging with our clients and suppliers to support positive action

Circular Economy

Minimise the resource intensity of our business and prioritising re-use on our projects’