The Private Construction Playbook explained: A RICS journal article by Associate Director Marissa Stenning

In an article for RICS journal, Associate Director, Marissa Stenning, examines the benefits that the private construction playbook aims to achieve to transform productivity in the private sector following the success of the government’s public version.

The private playbook was produced by cross-industry collaboration, the Construction Productivity Taskforce (CPT), which brought together leading developers, main contractors, supply chain members and cost managers with the aim of adopting more effective and collaborative practices.

In the article, Marissa breaks down the playbook into the following key themes:

  • The private sector requires a distinct approach
  • Safety, sustainability and society are priorities
  • Early engagement helps set clear objectives
  • Procurement strategy can support productivity
  • Careful site and change management is critical
  • Engaging occupiers on handover and aftercare
  • Firms should lead in implementing principles

Marissa says: “At the heart of the playbook is the acknowledgement that the culture of the industry needs to change to enable investment in supply chains, embrace new ways of working and foster appropriate behaviours early in a project’s lifecycle to boost productivity, quality and value. ”

She adds: “Fostering new behaviours in the private sector is vital to improving productivity across the board. If these philosophies are followed, then the industry can achieve its wider goals while building resilience to market volatility – and confidence that tomorrow’s construction can be more productive than today’s.”

Read the article here.