Professional and Business Services Council

As further demonstration of alinea’s desire to help improve the industry and foster collaboration, Mark Lacey has joined the BEIS Professional and Business Services Council (PBSC). The Council is made up of representatives from the professional and business sector (PBS) and is co-chaired by a BEIS minister and industry figure.

The objective is to help the UK sector succeed by supporting government and informing strategy, through engaging with a range of trade associations, professional bodies and individual PBS businesses to understand how government can help the sector succeed.

There are a number of PBSC working groups, that focus on priority areas and work in partnership with government to inform thinking on the future direction of the PBS sector and its contribution to the UK economy. These groups include EU Exit, Skills and Inclusion, Productivity and Innovation, Simplification, Importance of Place and PBS communications.

Mark commented “to be invited to join such an influential group and inform the strategy of the PBS sector and government is an exciting proposition for alinea. We look forward to hearing the views of wider business and bringing our own valuable insight and thinking from the construction industry to the table.”