Reinvention – a green alternative to demolition and rebuilding?

Our recent article and cost model for Building magazine discusses the opportunities, benefits and lessons learned around reinvention projects, with spotlights on 135 Bishopsgate and the Bower.

In embracing the pandemics ongoing effect on real estate and looking to anticipate our future habits, we believe reinvention provides the opportunity to make underperforming spaces fit for purpose, better support the local community and attract people back to the urban environment; in addition, this will support net zero carbon and sustainability aspirations but also by gaining potential cost efficiencies.  Ultimately leading to better performing spaces that are healthy, welcoming, attractive and flexible.

Whilst not all habitual outcomes of Covid-19 are permanent, investors and developers will need to consider the ongoing social changes of occupiers.  Alongside this, 60-70% of the upfront carbon associated with the construction of a new office building is in its substructures and super structures – eliminating the time and cost for these elements could be the ultimate key to efficiently scaling up and improving their assets.

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