Innovation in Science Buildings: The Path to Net Zero

A new pioneering net-zero life sciences research and design report, ‘Innovation in Science Buildings: The Path to Net Zero,’ has launched, following an insightful panel session held at this year’s UKREiiF Conference.

The report is a collaboration between Turner & Townsend alinea, Bennetts Associates, Heyne Tillett Steel and Hoare Lea.

This comprehensive research study brings together and applies the cross-sector industry experience of its contributors to offer best-practice design solutions that substantially reduce the carbon-intensive environmental impact that life science buildings are responsible for now and in the future.

The report has produced a unique net-zero prototype of a hypothetical lab building, which shows how a design can be optimised in every possible way. First, it focuses on embodied carbon emissions and then on operational energy performance. The implications of design choices over the course of a building’s life, is another aspect where the report offers expert critical guidance for project teams.

Contributors discussed the report in detail during the panel session chaired by Emily Slupek, Partner at Bidwells.

The panel comprised:

  • Hamish Summers, Director, Turner & Townsend alinea
  • Susan Mantle, Director, Heyne Tillett Steel
  • Simon Erridge, Director, Bennetts Associates
  • Kostas Milonidis, Associate Director, Hoare Lea

View the full report here.