Cost model: Making sports stadiums fit for purpose

In an article for Building Magazine, Will Goring of Turner & Townsend alinea and Philip Johnson of Populous explore the challenges facing modern sports stadiums and provide a cost model for stadium redevelopment. They highlight the need for venues to evolve to make them fit for modern events and audiences in a diverse, sustainable way.

The article discusses the competitive nature of sports venues, as owners and operators strive to enhance facilities to attract major events and increase revenue. However, this can often be a complex task, and refurbishment is seen as more desirable as it enables the venue to function normally throughout the work.

Moreover, the article explores how the outdated nature of many stadiums drives the pressure to improve facilities, the need to increase revenue, and the changing expectations of spectators. With the rise of women’s sports and the focus on environmental sustainability, venues must adapt to meet the demands of a more diverse and environmentally conscious audience.

They discuss how to successfully achieve redevelopment by outlining several factors project teams must address regarding design considerations, and how stadium owners can enhance their venues. They also spotlight the recent procurement trends and provide an example of a cost model for stadium redevelopment.

To comprehensively understand the factors influencing the redevelopment of a typical sports stadium, please read the full article here.

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