Cost comparison: tower construction in Toronto and London

In an insightful article for Building Magazine, Directors Steve Watts and John Lione explore the construction of tall buildings in two influential cities, Toronto and London. Over the past two decades, these cities have witnessed significant changes in their skylines, making them ideal case studies for comparison.

The article delves into the various factors that have contributed to the need for vertical densification in both cities, highlighting the trends in design and procurement that have shaped their respective landscapes. Additionally, the authors discuss the cost drivers associated with constructing high-rise commercial office towers in Toronto and London, providing summary cost models to support their analysis.

However, the article goes beyond the present and looks towards the future of tall buildings. It addresses the pressing challenges faced by cities like Toronto and London, including the impact of COVID-19, climate change, and geopolitics. These existential threats have the potential to reshape the functioning of these cities, and the article explores how they can adapt and thrive in the face of such challenges.

Moreover, the article emphasises the opportunity for design teams to reimagine the concept of tall buildings. It calls for a shift towards more futureproof, sustainable, healthy, and viable vertical spaces. By embracing innovative approaches, these cities can create tall buildings that not only meet the needs of today but also anticipate the demands of tomorrow.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing the construction of tall buildings in Toronto and London, and to explore the future of vertical spaces, please read the full article here.

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