Water Meters: A turn on or turn off?

We are proud to share an insightful article for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) on water meters and their role in building a sustainable future. Authored by Senior Cost Manager and RICS London Board Member Richard Wilson, this piece explores the benefits, challenges, and best practices of water metering.

A warming climate and a growing population are pressing issues that demand attention. A crucial aspect of this concern is our water usage, prompting the question – in a world where many still do not have access to fresh, clean water, are some of us using too much?

Richard touches on water meters being the fairest way to charge, illustrating how statistics show that the average household reduces water consumption with a meter installed, the argument around water meters leading to an increase in bills and the varying cost of water usage across the UK.

Richard also brings to attention current regulations; since 1990, having a water meter installed on new-build residential properties has been mandatory. However, those residing in older properties still have the freedom of choice unless they are located in a water-stressed area.

Richard also highlights that utility companies bear a large part of the responsibility. Still, as consumers, we must also play our part as many small actions come together to create a more significant impact.

Read the full article here.

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