Shoreditch Village Site Visit

On Tuesday 2nd March, Steve Mudie, at the request of AHMM Architects, with whom Steve had worked closely on a façade PCSA, visited our Shoreditch Village project, to see site progress, including the most important bit. The facades!

Steve also met up with the ISG Team with whom Steve had also worked, during the transition from façade PCSA to sub-contract award. Excellent feedback from AHMM and ISG regarding the façade contractor (GIG) selected and the early façade procurement strategy developed by and driven by alinea, which ISG confirmed contributed to the success, in that it managed risk, created design and cost certainty, with a quality product to boot.

The façade package value was just under £8million, representing excellent value for a technically complex façade package, including numerous wall types and external structure / façade penetrations, with one elevation in very close proximity to the Overground railway line.

An emergency evacuation at Waterloo meant that Steve walked to Shoreditch and back again, fitting in a pre-arranged Client meeting, amassing 12km for alinea’s march for St. Clare’s Hospice.