The growing need for Later Living options…

Having attended what was an extremely well run and informative Built Environment Networking Ltd conference on Retirement and Later Living, a number of points really resonated with what we discussed in our recent Building magazine article with Assael architects.

Aside from the well documented growing need for Later Living options there was quite a big focus on Sustainability and embodied carbon reductions, introduction of smart technologies and the effect of Covid on future design.

This echo’s many of our other Residential client’s agendas and indeed beyond this something most sectors are targeting, certainly in the case of the drive for Net Zero Carbon.

The ability to make Later Living more affordable is something which has worked well overseas in places such as New Zealand and is a key issue when you consider the current UK stock. Through new ownership models similar to shared equity or even greater rental opportunities this needs to be addressed.

Looking to the future a key message from the majority of the speakers was the ability to place Later Living more centrally into communities and as part of intergenerational and multi tenure urban developments. This added to the requirement to re-purpose many struggling retail assets is exactly what we’ve touched on in our Building Magazine article and are firm believers this is the future of Later Living.


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