Turner & Townsend alinea has been selected to participate in the CTBUH Mentoring Program

We are thrilled that we have been selected to participate in the CTBUH Mentoring Program.


  • Nic Di Santo, Director
  • Steve Watts, Director
  • Mark Day, Director
  • Michael Cracknell, Director
  • Jonathan Smith, Associate


  • Andrew Gray, Senior Project Surveyor
  • Ian Fairley, Senior Project Surveyor
  • Reece Benmore, Senior Project Surveyor
  • Justin Gibson, Associate
  • Shruti Baporikar, Project Surveyor

The mission of the Global Future Leaders Committee is to share knowledge, experience, and skills with the next generation of leaders within the CTBUH network to help improve connections, cross-industry communication, and performance.

The purpose of the CTBUH Mentoring Pilot is to connect and engage future leader members with experienced industry executives to learn and develop their professional skills and careers and share insights and lessons learned along the way.

This is a voluntary relationship for a recommended six months, but there will be predetermined goals and objectives. Both mentors and mentees are expected to report/give feedback to the Global Future Leaders Team.