What are the opportunities for the reuse of steel and other materials?

alinea Partner, Alastair Kenyon chaired the Procurement and Risk panel at the UKGBC’s circular steel event last week. The event had a great turnout with a wide range of attendees and participants from across the construction industry. The session focused on the opportunities in reusing steel and other materials, as well as, assessing the potential risks and procurement challenges. This was an insightful discussion about how we support this agenda going forwards, here are three key takeaways:

  • 1. If verification standards and due diligence are evidenced and documented there are no barriers to insurance – a caveat being size and scale of reuse as to date large scale reuse (a tower example) is yet to be completed.


  • 2. Steel reuse in construction goes through the same manufacture verification standards as new, so if evidenced appropriately there should be no issue with apportionment of risk.


  • 3. Clients and project teams are supportive of reusing materials where possible. The barrier being shortage of supply to meet the current demands.