Women in Construction Week

Earlier this week we were joined by Cast Interiors Director Zoe Moss, as part of Women in Construction Week and International Women’s Day. Zoe spoke about her experience working in the industry, prioritising diversity and fostering a culture of inclusivity to ensure people feel valued.  She highlighted that only 14% of construction industry professionals are women and of them, 87% are in office based jobs. Only 1.5% are manual workers which highlights acutely the need to change perception about the type of roles available within the industry, especially amongst current school-aged children. Further, 20% of the construction workforce are approaching retirement age, with 26% aged between 45-55.

Little surprise therefore, that there is a huge skills shortage in the built environment which, without action now, will only worsen. alinea is committed to maintaining an inclusive workforce, where diversity is embraced and valued, so we are grateful to Zoe for her time this week, raising awareness of key issues and for such an engaging discussion.