Engineering Services

One of our key strengths at Turner & Townsend alinea is our market-leading team of specialist engineering services cost managers, who deliver unparalleled knowledge, insight, and experience, procuring in excess of £10bn of engineering services over the past decade.

  • Specialist team of MEP surveyors

    Our primary focus at Turner & Townsend alinea is to provide exceptional engineering services cost management services throughout all project stages.

    Our team of 60 specialist cost consultants come from a range of industry backgrounds, and together, they bring unparalleled knowledge, insight, and experience to engineering services across the construction sector.

    We commercially manage over £3bn of engineering services every year across various sectors such as data centres, commercial, residential, life sciences, workplace, asset upgrades and energy performance.

  • Committed to excellence & determined to succeed

    We also pride ourselves on the following key attributes:-

    • Enthusiasm / passion
    • Great relationships with engineers
    • Wealth of team and individual experience
    • Current market knowledge
    • Regular supply chain engagement.


  • Our approach to engineering services cost management

    The knowledge and experience of our engineering services team enable us to make a real added value difference, from initial cost modelling/planning through to procurement, including optioneering at all design stages.

    This added value is founded upon our in-depth understanding of the vast array of engineering services systems and their cost, paired with our close designer and supply chain relationships.

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