Science and Tech

With the UK being a major part of the global Science & Tech market, alinea are currently supporting our clients in delivering over £1.5billion worth of key Science & Tech developments across four major hubs.

  • Science & Tech Market

    The delivery of more and better R&D workspaces is vital to supporting the £80 billion and growing UK Science & Tech economy. In part due to Covid-19 we are seeing a growth in Science & Tech investment with particular interest from the private development sector. Our current Science & Tech work is underway in core development regions and moving into key opportunity zones.

  • alinea Proposition – Our Approach

    We believe our approach of early-stage collaboration with the Client, Design Team and key stakeholders is paramount to the success of your project. Getting it right from the outset is critical as future modifications can be time consuming and costly. Our extensive knowledge of the key drivers for Science and Technology buildings deliver unique benefits to our Clients.  Our approach ensures the full team understand the key cost and value drivers and contribute in the early stages, leading to a clear and transparent brief and ultimately setting up the project for success.

  • Understanding the Key Drivers

    Our bespoke approach, knowledge, specialisms and research allow us to offer valuable insight into end user requirements, key design criteria, maximise flexibility and cost implications. Our expert knowledge, data and benchmarking will ensure early and correct decision making from the outset.

  • Our Project Experience

    We undertake detailed design/cost end user flexibility analysis and have extensive experience in research carried out into delivering flexible buildings. We have performed as a key team member of Developer led Life Science Hubs across London.

    Our Life Science and Health expertise is further supported by our specialist skills in MEP, Facade and Structures.

  • Our Team Experience

    Led by alinea Partner Richard Taylor, the team are working across 4m sqft GIA and £1.5billion worth of Life Science developments.

    For further information please contact Richard Taylor:


    tel:+44 7808 735 263


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