TTa team roll their sleeves up to volunteer with Ambition Aspire Achieve (AAA)

Over the last few weeks, a few of the Turner & Townsend alinea team members have been enjoying a break from the office, taking strides to fulfil our commitment to corporate social responsibility, which we uphold through a meaningful collaboration with charity, Ambition Aspire Achieve (AAA).

Last month, Assistant Cost Managers Ali Sheikh and Fabio Thercaj, together with a dedicated contingent from the wider Turner & Townsend London Office, ventured to the heart of Stratford to lend their hands and hearts to the Glyn Hopkin Abbey Hub, determined to enact a lasting difference for the community and positively impact the lives of the young people it nurtures.

Starting bright and early, the team hit the ground running; from clearing an assortment of debris, including rotting wood and broken ceramics to trimming and collating wild weeds. As the day progressed, the sky showed signs of oncoming rainfall, however with spirits still high the team persevered, clearing pathways from large rocks, and unearthing unusual items (including an old vintage telephone!).

The team revitalised the once-neglected woodland into a safe and vibrant adventure playground. This transformation promises to offer the most disadvantaged and at-risk young people in Stratford, London, a place to truly thrive.

In a similar vein, earlier this month, Sam Dawson, Niamh Woolcott, Ben Belcher, Harry Rose and Dave Carr from the Turner & Townsend alinea London Cost Management team completed their CSR day with AAA, alongside some of the wider Turner & Townsend team.

The group completed painting, gardening and tidying for a youth centre in Canning Town. It was an absolute pleasure to support the charity and super rewarding to see a mural created on a previous visit up in action, spreading positivity.

Our engagement with AAA is a testament to the company’s ongoing dedication to community service and exemplifies the impactful legacy we aim to build within our communities.